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A Juggling Mum




Podcast Show Notes


A Juggling Mum Podcast #015


Segment 1

Our past 6 months
What I accomplished in 2006
And what I hope to achieve in 2007

Segment 2

My Vegetable Patch –
My Garden Blog

Segment 3

Goal of the month –

Segment 4

Article -
Quick and Easy Budgets: How To Take Control Of Your Finances

Part 2


Segment 5

Monthly frugal habit

Segment 6

Podcast Review –
Simple Savings
Podcast Tutorial

Segment 7

Kids and Pocket Money
Lizzie’s Blog

Segment 8

What’s New at A Juggling

Back to School


Meal Plans

Segment 9

Article -
Eight Reasons Why Menu Planning Is A Terrible Idea


My email

Music I used in my podcast -

Fancy Pants by Colette McKendrick

Elusive Butterfly by Geoff Byrd



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