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My Podcasts


What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an internet-based audio show that can be downloaded from the internet.

You can listen to my podcasts on your computer, an MP3 player or iPod.



A Juggling Mum Podcast

A Podcast for all Juggling mums.

What it means to be a Juggling Mum and how to cope with being a Juggling Mum.

I’m a mother of 4 kids ranging from 2 to 8 years.

I know all about juggling the families education, health, finances, the kids after school activities, housework and a home business.

 Time management is crucial, organisation a must and routines keep me on track.

 Join me whether you’re a mum or a mom, while I discuss how to be a Juggling Mum and not go insane.

A Cosy Comfy Clean House Podcast

Daily 15 minute tasks to keep your home Comfy, Cosy and Clean brought to you by The Juggling Mum.

Having trouble getting A Juggling Mum Podcast in iTunes?

I have had trouble getting the podcast relisted in the iTunes directory but I have found a way to get it into your podcast library.

Go to Podcast Pickle

Under my logo there is a little iTunes button

Click it and A Juggling Mum Podcast will be added to your iTunes library :)




A Juggling Mums Podcast CD



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