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Meet Rachel


I'm Rachel, a 30 year old stay at home mum to 4 beautiful children, Chloe 7, Clare 5, Caitlin 3 and Riley 1.

Before having kids I ran a Home Based Child Care where I looked after 5 kids on weekdays.

As well as being a domestic goddess by day, I run an eBay business called Dippity DVDs as well as now recording my own podcasts.


How did A Juggling Mum get started?


For Christmas (2005) Rob and the kids gave me an iPod Nano. I downloaded iTunes and stumbled across podcasts.

I'd listened to internet radio shows for many years but had never heard of podcasts.

Then one day while I was searching for other podcast directories I found a tutorial on how to make your own podcasts.

And from that day I was hooked. So in January 2006 A Juggling Mum was born.

The website soon followed in March 2006.

Copyright 2006 - Rachel Suesskow - A Juggling Mum