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A Juggling Mum

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Meet Me

Meet the Mum behind A Juggling Mum




Thanks for taking the time to visit my website!

My website is for all Juggling Mums, you know who you are!

Please take a look around!

My Blogs


I write on a number of blogs!.

A Juggling Mums Blog -

I write about my family, our household, meal planning, activities and much more.....

A Juggling Mums Food Blog -

My families favourite recipes........

A Juggling Mums Garden -

I write about my vegetable garden plus interesting garden related articles........

Frugal Mummy -

I blog about everything frugal.......

A Juggling Mums Garden

In this section you'll find my garden diary as well as some helpful articles and resources to help you with your garden.

My Podcasts

Want to listen to my podcasts?.

A Juggling Mum Podcast - A Podcast for all Juggling mums. What it means to be a Juggling Mum and how to cope with being a Juggling Mum.

A Comfy Cosy Clean House Podcast - Daily 15 minute tasks to keep your home Comfy, Cosy and Clean brought to you by A Juggling Mum.


Our Little Space On The Net

I made this web site for my kids. It's full of all the links and fun things they like to do on the internet.


These are articles that I have written myself or interesting articles I have found on the internet.

Large Family Section

Helpful resources, articles, hints and tips for large families with 3 or more children.

Podcasts & Internet Radio Shows

A list of my favourite podcasts and internet radio shows to listen to.

A Pregnant Juggling Mum

Helpful resources, articles, hints and tips for pregnant mummies.

Monthly Frugal Habit

Each month I'll give you one frugal habit to work on.

Back To School

Tips to help you stay organised when the kids go back to school.

Living Simply, Cheaply & Better

Hints, tips and resources to help you live simply, live cheaply and live better!. Includes Frugal Friday and my Monthly Frugal Habit Challenge.

Organisation for Juggling Mums

Hints, tips and resources to help you stay organised.

Recipes for Juggling Mums

Some of my families favourite recipes.


Tips that work for me to make my life easier.

This is also a blog carnival hosted by Rocks In My Dryer.



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Favourite Links

A list of my favourite websites to visit.



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