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Easter Party Ideas


By: Rachel - A Juggling Mum

Easter will be here before we know it, so here are some fun ideas to help make your Easter party extra special.


Make an easter napkin ring by stringing jelly beans onto narrow piece of elastic using a sewing needle. You may need to put a little vegetable oil on the needle to help it slide through the jelly beans. Tie off the ends to make a circle and slide it over a napkins for a cute way to decorate you table.


Make bunny paw prints out of pink cardstock and tape them to the floor leading into the party




Instead of exchanging easter eggs invite your guests to bring a packet of bulbs to your easter party and have a bulb exchange. Supply your guests with some brown paper bags and have some pens handy so that your guests can write the names of the bulbs on their bags. Your guests count up how many bulbs they brought to the party then lay them in piles according to the flower types. Each guest then chooses the same number of bulbs as they brought but they can pick a variety of different bulbs. It’s a great way to get a variety of flowers.




Have an Easter egg-shaped cookies decorating contest – bake some egg shaped plain cookies and buy some small tubes of icing. Give each child a cookie and get them to decorate it using the icing.


Have the kids with the help of a few adults paint and decorate their own small flowerpot. Provide them with different colored paint, sprinkles, and ribbon. They can then take their flowerpot home and plant some of the seeds or a bulb in it.




Egg rolling-
Have a hard-boiled Easter egg for each player. Have a starting line and a finish line. The course may be across a carpet, down a hill, or may be an obstacle course. The first player to get their egg from start to finish wins. Players may push with their feet or with spoons, or have them get down on hands and knees and push with their noses.

Egg Toss-
Line up even number of players in two rows, with partners facing each other. All players in the first row toss a raw egg to their partner in the second row. Then the second row tosses to the first row. After each catch, players step backwards. Repeat tossing back and forth until all but one egg is broken. The partners with the last unbroken egg win the game.

Egg and Spoon Race-
Have a starting line and a finish line.
Give each player a spoon and an egg at the start line. (Eggs may be raw or hard-boiled.)
Players race to the finish line, holding their egg in their spoon.
The first person to get to the finish line with their egg wins.
(This can also be played as a relay race, with an obstacle course, or as a three-legged race.)

Pass the Easter Egg-
Line up two teams. Have a plastic egg or a hard-boiled egg for each team.
The first player on each team puts an egg under their chin.
Using just their chins and necks, players must pass the egg from one to another, down the line.
If an egg is dropped, players must start at the beginning of the line again.
The first team to pass the egg all the way to the end wins.

Easter Egg Bowling-
Each player gets a colored Easter egg.
Have one Easter egg in the center of the room.
Players take turns "bowling" to see who can roll their egg closest to the center egg.


Guess the Number Game-
Fill a jar with jellybeans, (counting as you fill it.)
On slips of paper, players write their names, and guess how many jellybeans are in the jar.
The player with the closest guess wins the jar of jellybeans.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny-
Same as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
You will need a picture of a bunny.
Each player gets a bunny tail with their name on it.
One at a time, blindfold the players, spin them 3 times, and have them try to pin or tape their tail to a bunny.
The player whose tail is closest to the bunny tail wins.

Easter Candy Toss-
Make a target with three circles, one inside the other.
The inner circle, the bull's eye, is 5 points.
The middle circle is 3 points.
The outer circle is 1 point.
Players take turns tossing wrapped lollies.
Add up points to see who wins.




For mixed ages, or to keep the faster children from getting most of the eggs, have each child start with a basket with one egg in it. They are to collect only eggs that color. (You can hide eggs for younger children in easy spots, and hide eggs for older children in more challenging spots.)


For young children, have a jellybean trail leading to an Easter basket


While your children are sleeping, hide their Easter baskets in the house and tie a long string to each one. Loop the strings throughout the whole house, around and over and under furniture so it looks like a huge tangled spider web eventually leading to their rooms. Tie the end of each string to the doorknob of the child whose basket it’s attached to, so when they come out of their rooms on Easter morning they can follow their own string throughout the house to find their Easter basket. Place some extra treats along the way to make it extra fun.

For large Easter Egg Hunts, make checklists for each child. Give each child a basket with a checklist and pencil in it and instruct the kids to find ONLY what is on their checklist and no more, otherwise someone else would be without enough. Make all of the checklist the same for each child and make sure you have enough eggs hidden so that everyone can complete theirs. You can have a grand prize too, for whichever child completes his checklist first by finding all of the items on it the fastest! The checklists could read something like this.

___Find 2 blue eggs
___Find 3 pink eggs
___Find 1 yellow egg
___Find 2 orange eggs
___Find 4 purple eggs
___Find 3 green eggs

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Things you need:

Your favorite flavor of cake mix

White frosting


Green food coloring

Mini jelly beans

String licorice

Follow the directions on the mix for cupcakes.

Let it cool

Color the coconut with the food coloring

Frost with white frosting

Put coconut on top of frosting

Put jelly beans on top of coconut

Poke a small hole in each side of cupcake and insert a piece of licorice.


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Copyright 2006 - Rachel Suesskow - A Juggling Mum