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You know you have a large family when....



Thanks to all my friends at the Essential Baby Large Family Forum for their thoughts :)

  • You rarely escape out of McDonalds with change from $50

  • You miss a day of washing and as a result you spend the next month trying to catch up

  • You don't know what the bottom of your washing basket looks like, since it's never empty

  • People stare at you when you're out with all your kids like you have two heads

  • No one wants to come to your house or invite you anywhere as it's just way too noisy

  • You don't need to invite other kids for a birthday party, there's enough at home already

  • Nobody offers to babysit anymore.

  • You don't get invited to parties anymore because it ups the food budget by about $100

  • You learn to lipread to be able to watch your favourite show on telly.

  • Your children answer when you call them by the wrong name.

  • You get issued with more than one Medicare card just to fit the names on.

  • Your next-door neighbour erects a NEW fence INSIDE the boundary fence to help block out the noise your kids make in the backyard

  • when one shopping trolley just doesnt hold enough

  • when a sales assistant asks you what sizes you're interested in, and you say "whatever's on sale" because it'll fit *somebody*

  • when you have 3 children at home for a few hours and your having a rest day.

  • When you need one trolley alone just for the nappies.

  • When people try to 'poach' you to their church because they need more numbers in their kids classes.

  • When a 'group hug' can break a rib

  • Whenever you go to McDonalds they assume you are the booked birthday party.

  • You need to book the party room at McDonalds just so you can sit together.

  • Everytime you go to a doctor - even for a bad cold- they ask what you are going to do for contraception so you dont have anymore.

  • The most common question you are asked when out is "OMG are they all yours?"

  • You take up the whole pew at Church

  • when you go through a loaf of bread packing lunches for the day !

  • when the phrase "are you crazy?" becomes etched in your brain because you hear it so much!

  • No matter what the hour, when mum goes to the loo someone else HAS to go URGENTLY!!

  • When after dinner, the kitchen looks like an army mess tent!

  • when the washing threatens to swallow a child if left any longer unfolded!.

  • When 1 BBQ chook and a large chips just wont do!

  • When you cant offer a lift to any of your kids friends as there is just No room in the car.

  • When the noise level in the house resembles an AC/DC concert.

  • When you have to wake up at least 2 children to go and pick the others up from school.

  • The simplest outing takes more organization than a miltary attack.

  • When your backyard has more bikes,scooters,skateboards,toys swings etc than a Daycare centre.

  • When the neighbours think you are RUNNING a Daycare centre.

  • When you no longer have to worry about painting the walls because they are completely covered with drawings,painting and craft done by you kids.

  • When you are running low on milk because there is only 5 litres in the fridge.

  • When you get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night and you come back to discover your bed full of small sleeping bodies!

  • when you can't even remember how many kids you have!

  • When you single handedly boost the numbers at any birthday party and you need two hands to carry the lolly/loot bags

  • When the one of the first things people ask is how many bedrooms you have in your house.

  • You run two fridges and need two washing machines.

  • When you realise that you will not have enough couch space when the kids get bigger and no longer want to sit on their BoB the Builder foam flip out sofas

  • That decluttering takes up all the space in the wheelie bin.

  • When you turn up for kindergarten school orientation for the third time and still have to find babysitters for the toddlers.

  • You lust after the latest people movers.

  • You have been playgroup member for longer than any of the current playgroup kids have been alive - its a cross generation thing.

  • People no longer believe that 'this one will be our last'

  • When you have to rattle off half a dozen names (including the pets!) to get the right child to answer!

  • When people don't recognize you un-pregnant because you're usually almost always pregnant!

  • When a friend you hear from all the time greets you on the telephone with "any new additions yet?"

  • When your kids don't need to join sporting teams because you can make one of your own with just the members of your family!


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