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Quality Time With Your Kids

By Rachel - A Juggling Mum

It's hard to find time to spend quality one on one time with your children when you have a large family.

One way I have tried to tackle this is by giving each of my children a designated 30 minute period each week to spend with me one on one.

My kids get to choose what they want to do during their special time. Usually it's playing a game, reading a book, colouring in, playing a computer game together, telling stories, swinging or just sitting and having cuddles.

It doesn't sound like much but my kids really enjoy their special time with me and look forward to it each week.

I have also heard of a woman who allocates a special day for each of her children. When it's their special day, her children get to be the mothers helper, get the mail, help prepare dinner, have special time and get to choose videos to watch and choose the bedtime story.

If you find that you don't have a spare 30 minutes in your busy day consider letting your kids help you do some chores. Kids love to help hang clothes on the line, put clothes in the dryer or help unpack the dishwasher. Your child won't see these things as chores but as special time with their mum.

Here are a few ideas for activities you and your children can do together.

- Board games

- Card games

- Read a book

- Have a picnic in the backyard

- Build a cubby house

- Play an educational computer game

- Watch a movie snuggled up together

- Bake a cake


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